The Seeds of Cain

"A great dark-urban fantasy horror-tale! A wonderful edition to any book
collection that contains the names Meyrink, Shelley and Stoker!!!!!!!"
— Katerina Vimmerova, Reviewer, FilmBook

book cover USA                                           book cover Europe

They were the ultimate siege machines. Long believed to have been created from
the seeds of the crops that Cain offered to God and that He rejected, the
creatures that the seeds produced hunted, terrorized and wrought a path of
destruction throughout the Middle East and Europe until their extinction in the
15th Century . . .

Until . . .

Weapons dealer Paul David Devon has long been marked for execution. Bane to the United States’ CIA and FBI, he has even found a way to anger the rogue nations who made him his fortune. But Devon has one more trick that will allow him to stay his impending doom: he has rediscovered the Seeds of Cain—and he has unleashed the creatures that they have created upon the world!

"A blow-you-away, nonstop action-adventure novel!"--Sam Beckwith, Journalist,
Prague TV

"A wonderfully horrifying epic adventure that combines Czech, Jewish, and
Eastern European mythology with modern day settings!"--Joanna McAuley, Editor,
Portal Magazine

"EXPLOSIVE!!!!!"--Frank Costanza, Editor-in-Chief, The South Hampton Press
A novel by Brian J Callaghan