The Seeds of Cain
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“The Seeds of Cain is an unnerving voyage into the darkness that man would bring back to life for power. A horrifying villain poisons five teenage boys and turns them into monsters, starting a harrowing, unsettling, and horrifying journey of wrath and destruction across four continents. You will put this on the shelves next to Goethe, Marlow, Poe, Stoker and Meyrink! Don’t start this after midnight has become so cliché! Start Brian Callaghan’s The Seeds of Cain at the stroke of midnight and lose yourself in Brian’s horrifyingly epic adventure!”
—Hannah Humphreys, Manager, Ripley’s Believe It or Not

The Seeds of Cain blew me away! The four heroes and the psychology that drives them to save man, the evil Paul David Devon and what drives him to hate man, even the five creatures, whose minds have been made numb by the seed that Paul David Devon has given them, keep the reader turning pages long after the last teabag has been used, the last biscuit eaten, and the last spoonful of ice cream licked clean from the bottom of its annoying cardboard encasement—all three being comforts to me when I am feeling unsettled! A wonderfully horrifying epic adventure that combines Czech, Jewish, and Eastern European mythology with modern day settings! Congrats Brian—one hell of a read!”
—Joanna McAuley, Editor, Portal Magazine

“Since the end of communism, we Czechs have been inundated with books by foreigners that tell us the Gustav Meyrink Golem story with only the slightest of changes, making us Czechs ask, why don't we just buy the original . . . but Brian Callaghan's Golem tale, The Seeds of Cain, delivers a fresh new spin, adding Judeo, Christian and Eastern European aspects and mythology to the story, Brian even bringing the monster to new locales, giving it new powers, and giving it a new past, yet leaving the Golem with the same wrath-like destruction that it always had! A great dark-urban fantasy horror-tale! A wonderful edition to any book collection that contains the names Meyrink, Shelley and Stoker!!!!!!!”
— Katerina Vimmerova, Reviewer, FilmBook

“I loved it! The Seeds of Cain is a book worth reading—twice. Part horror, thriller, dark fantasy and epic, I couldn’t put it down! Excellent use of both the Biblical Cain and Abel story and the Prague Golem legend! And as well, some great, dark and haunted characters! When all this is combined with modern settings: EXPLOSIVE!!!!! Mister Callaghan, Sir, I wish to shake your hand!”
—Frank Costanza, Editor-in-Chief, The South Hampton Press

“Wow! The Seeds of Cain is a blow-you-away, nonstop action-adventure novel! Four characters -- a writer who knows his heart belongs elsewhere, an archaeologist who's foreseen his own death, a psychiatrist who thinks her life has amounted to nothing, and a con who's been trying his damndest to run from his past -- are sent on a quest to prevent the destruction of three of the world's most important cities. Battles rage! Cities explode! And somewhere in amongst it all, an ancient weapon used by the followers of Cain to prevent the rise of civilization comes back to haunt mankind! It could be a blockbuster video game, it should be a blockbuster movie, but it's definitely a blockbuster novel! I want all three to come out at once -- it's that good!”
—Sam Beckwith, Journalist, Prague TV


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